The Sweet Shop at Hatton

Opening Hours:
(4pm Jan & Feb)

tel: 01926 842226

The Sweet Shop at Hatton - Traditional Sweets

At the Sweet Shop at Hatton in Warwickshire we sell over 250 varieties of Traditional/Retro Sweets by the gram as well as a wide selection of modern children's sweets.

All our traditional/retro sweets are sold by weight. However many 100 grams or quarters of delicious sweets as you wish.

We can gift wrap them for you or take them home in our special boxes. We also mail order, so all you need to do is call your order in via the phone, pay with your credit card and we will dispatch them in time for the special day.

Sweetie Gifts:

We can make up any type of sweet packages you require - from the 'Sweetie Cones' below to boxes or birthday bags, they make excellent gifts for any occasion.

The Sweet Shop at Hatton - Sweetie Cones

Our excellent and friendly customer service awaits you as we aim to make your sweet shopping experience a truly memorable one.

Debbie and the team look forward to welcoming you soon.

SweetShop AngloBubbly
SweetShop AniseedTwists
SweetShop AppleMegaSourPowder
SweetShop BeanoTripleTrouble
SweetShop CoconutMush
SweetShop ColaCubes
SweetShop ColaFizzWizz
SweetShop ColaPips
SweetShop FizzWizz
SweetShop FizzyChips
SweetShop FizzyFangs
SweetShop FizzyStraw
SweetShop FriedEggs
SweetShop FruitJellies
SweetShop FruitPastilles
SweetShop GaintSnakes
SweetShop GiantBar
SweetShop GiantColaBottles
SweetShop Gobstoppers
SweetShop HerbalTablets
SweetShop JellyBabies
SweetShop JellyBeans
SweetShop LiqoriceTorpedos
SweetShop MixedMillions
SweetShop PineappleChunks
SweetShop PontefractCakes
SweetShop RaspMegaSourPowder
SweetShop RhubarbCustard
SweetShop Shrimps
SweetShop SmallPearDrops
SweetShop SourRaspBonBon
SweetShop SugarMice
SweetShop SuperSours
SweetShop WhamBar
SweetShop blkjacksFruitSalads

The Sweet Shop at Hatton Country World
The Sweet Shop at Hatton Country World

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